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“i guess you just don't know people as well as you think you do. you miscalculated; i love zuko more than i fear you.” – mai so.

i think mai might be one of the coolest characters in the show. she’s just got that ~~aura, you know? i mean, she is cold, apathetic and very disinterested in most things, but i think that despite her outward personality being so plain, she’s still very important to the characters and the overall storyline.

without her, the gaang wouldn’t have been able to escape boiling rock, and it was honestly an incredible plot twist, especially since we were led to think of mai and ty lee as azula’s cronies. i’m glad she was made out to be more than that. 



hard enamel
3 inches tall
gold plated
screenprinted details
double pinback

A GRADE – as close to perfect as possible! these pins may have the smallest of flaws which would only be visible at very close inspection or at a certain angle or light, but these are definitely the best of the lot.

B GRADE – these are a little more affordable, and they may contain flaws that are more visible, such as rough plating or scratches, they still look pretty perfect upon first glance.

C GRADE – defects in this grade are most likely clearly visible to the naked eye, such as scratches, misalignment of screenprinting, or they might be flaws on the main subject/character of the pin

[please note: i do not grade the sides or the backs of pins.]

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